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Whether you are an official Glownet partner or just an independent developer, here you will find guides and documentation for Glownet API, as well as support if you get stuck.

Let's jump right in!

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How to get started

1. Get sandbox access
Create an account here

2. Practice with sandbox
Run your code against Glownet Sandbox server as long as you need to get everything working smooth!

3. Provide feedback / ask questions
Feel free to email us at with questions as you go!

Please, tell us your integration use cases for the API and what enhancements and features will make it easier for you! We are constantly evolving our codebase and your suggestions might be implemented soon.

4. Become an official integration partner
In order for your integration to work with Glownet Production systems for a live event, you should sign up as an official integration partner. Please talk to your Glownet contact or email us at to sign up!

If you have signed up as a Glownet integration partner we will keep you updated as we release future versions of this API.

How to get started