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Integration Guidance

Here is a number of integration approaches you can use for the Glownet API for Ticketing and Accreditation partners

Real time Integration

In this case your system is using Glownet API to post new tickets as they are being sold / issued.

Recommended minimum

  • Configure the Glownet API authentication for the event at hand
  • Each time a new ticket type is created / edited, notify the Glownet API and store the returned ticket_type_id value
  • Each time a ticket is sold / issued, send it to Glownet API
    *we highly recommend to use asynchronous processing using a queue with job processing so that notification of Glownet API and its latency does not affect or slow down your customer experience

Further automation you might want to add

  • Each time a ticket is cancelled, blacklist it via Glownet API so that it cannot be used
  • Add Glownet API credentials configuration to your admin panel so that all of your events can benefit from the integration without custom code

Regular / Once a day upload

In this case you regularly run a scheduled script to post the updates to the Glownet system.

Recommended steps for the script

  • Authenticate with a given event
  • Post/update the ticket types and receive the ticket_type_id in relation to your system ticket types
  • Post all the tickets that were not yet submitted in the past
  • Mark the tickets that were sent as submitted in your system / config table

In this scenario we recommend to use the /tickets/bulk_upload API so that you can submit all tickets as one JSON request rather than make a separate API call for each ticket.

Integration Guidance