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Integration Approaches

Here is a number of integration approaches you can use for the Glownet API for Ticketing and Accreditation partners

Integration with your API via Zapier

This is a recommended initial approach for small partners with <1000 tickets. You publish your API calls to GET Tickets and Ticket Types for a particular event on Zapier ( We connect it to our system. No development, no changes inside your system, very low maintenance and this can be used by all of your other partners.

There are two scenarios:

  • [REALTIME] - If your system offers web hooks to notify once a new ticket was sold / issued
  • [EVERY 5 MIN] - If your system just offers the GET web service for all tickets of a particular event

Realtime API Integration

In this case your system is using Glownet API to post new tickets as they are being sold / issued.

Recommended minimum

  • Manually configure the Glownet API authentication for the event on which we are collaborating
  • Each time a new ticket type is created / edited, notify the Glownet API and store the returned ticket_type_id value
  • Each time a ticket is sold / issued, use a queue to process API notifications asynchronously from customer purchase process and not slow it down
  • Notify the Glownet API of new tickets as you process the queue

Further automation you might want to add

  • Infrastructure to hold the integration parameters per-event
  • Admin panel UI to enable/disable Glownet integration and provide Glownet username / password

Regular API Batch Upload

In this case you regularly run a scheduled script to post the updates to the Glownet system.

Recommended steps for the script

  • Authenticate with a given event
  • Post/update the ticket types and receive the ticket_type_id in relation to your system ticket types
  • Bulk post all the tickets that were not yet submitted in the past
  • Mark the tickets that were sent as submitted in your system / config table

Integration Approaches